Lawrence Township

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Lawrence Township Fire Co #1 is proud to announce several training accomplishments within the last few months. Three members have joined the status of Firefighter 1 through the Office of the State Fire Commissioner. A person certified at the Fire Fighter 1 level has to demonstrate competency in the necessary knowledge and skills of firefighting. After performing the physical skills required, a written test is performed. Randy Socoski, Talon Hoover, and Jim Tarbay all received passing status.

This now puts our department at over 15 members certified at either Firefighter 1 or 2 status, with a few additional personnel to test within the coming weeks.

We are also happy to announce the addition of three Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) to assist with our Quick Response Service (QRS). Brenda Stevenson, Skylar Graham, and Kyle Stevenson recently were certified through the PA Dept of Health. This 200 Hour class teaches lifesaving skills such as CPR, bleeding control, airway management, and treatment for medical and trauma emergencies. After attending training at Dusan EMS, the three performed the required NREMT Psychomotor skill exam, clincal hours, and written test.

We continue to advance in training opportunities while continuing to serve our community on a daily basis.