Lawrence Township

Apparatus of the Lawrence Township Fire Department #1

Engine 5

Engine 5

2014 Spartan Cab & Chassis built by 4Guys Inc.

Purchased in 2014, this rig is equipped with an 8 man cab, 550HP Cummins ISX engine with  total of (7) Roll-O-Matic roll up doors and 4 storage coffins in the hose bed area.  Engine 5 has (1) Hurst Simo unit that powers a Hurst  “O” cutter & a Hurst combination tool with optional Hurst rams to be connected. Engine 5’s  tank holds 1250 gallon of water with a 1500GPM Hale pump.

There are a total of (5) pre-connected hose lines, (3) 1”3/4 lines and (2) 2.5 lines with (1) 2.5” dead lay for additional hose if needed. A 15KW generator powers 12 LED scene lights with additional LED lights to be deployed.

This unit is equipped with a TFT Extendable deck gun and deployable TFT Blitz fire located to the rear where 1000 ft of 5” supply hose also resides.

This Unit replaced LTFD’s old Engine a 1994 HME with 1000 gallon of water.

Additional Pictures of Engine 5

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2004 Spartan Cab & Chassis with an E-One Salisbury Custom Box