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Commercial Transportation Accident With Entrapment


On April 7th around 16:00hrs, Company 5 was dispatched to a reported tractor trailer accident on interstate 80 near mile marker 120 west bound. Upon the rescue responding communications received multiple calls updating the address to the 122 mile marker west bound which changed it to a 16 box. Company 5 still responded as they are always due in that area for automatic aid. Upon arrival the rescue they confirmed one tractor trailer on its side with one driver trapped inside. Crews immediately stabilized the vehicle and the rescue began the extrication process. The windshield was already removed due to the accident. Crews used the Hurst battery O-Cutter and began cutting the steering while as the drivers legs were underneath it. Crews also used a small ram to free the drivers legs. Time of extrication was 16 minuets and crews operated on scene for about 30 minuets.