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Lawrence Township Fire Department #1

Since its founding in 1956, the Lawrence Township Volunteer Fire Company #1 has grown from humble beginnings into a vital pillar of community safety, boasting advanced facilities and a fleet valued at over a million dollars. Our dedicated volunteers embody a legacy of excellence, achieving 100% certification participation and delivering unparalleled fire protection and emergency services to Lawrence Township and beyond. We’re committed to maintaining this tradition of exceptional service and preparedness, safeguarding our community with every call.

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Volunteer Opportunities

At Lawrence Township Volunteer Fire Department, our volunteers are the core of our community service. Driven by a mission to deliver swift, compassionate, and top-tier emergency response, we’re calling on you to join our ranks. Volunteering with us offers a unique opportunity to impact lives directly, offering immediate aid to those in critical situations. It’s more than a role; it’s a chance to develop crucial skills and experience in emergency services, all while being part of a dedicated team that stands as a pillar of strength and safety in Lawrence.

Keeping You & Your Family Safe

Fire & Life Safety

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